Browns Hospitals find a doctor channelling service connect you with a best medical specialist in Sri Lanka

Find A Doctor

The best medical care begins with finding the right doctor who can provide you with the best suited care for you medical condition or need. It is also equally important to be an informed patient, in-order for you to have the right consultation with your doctor.

We provide access to the best medical minds in the Island, with a listing of trusted doctors, specialists and consultants for each of your specific medical need. Thus benefitting from an optimal consultation with your doctor.

This service helps avoid potential risks associated with long-term illness, wrong diagnosis, delayed treatment and unnecessary visits to the doctor and also save you unnecessary costs you may incur.

Talk to us about your medical problem, treatment requirement or if you need an expert second opinion of an illness you have been battling with. Write to us with assurance that your inquiry is dealt with in utmost confidence.

We at Browns Hospital, go above and beyond helping patients find the right specialists and obtain the right advice and the best treatment needed and also the flexible and convenient e-channelling options.