Browns hospital provides health care services with their highly qualified 

and experienced medical specialist

About Us

Browns Hospital is the latest venture of Brown & Company PLC, the first one established in a chain of secondary care general hospitals and diagnostic centres to deliver high quality care through comprehensive, integrated clinical practice and personalized care, to every patient, who walks through our doors. Armed with the strong family brand name of ‘Browns’, this hospital attempts to reach rural and urban citizens in Sri Lanka to deliver innovative and patient-centric solutions.

The fully fledged multi-specialty general hospital is equipped with the latest medical diagnostic technology, including modern CT and MRI scanning, and advanced medical and surgical therapeutic technology

The medical team comprises of highly qualified and recognized visiting consultants in all specialties and in-house doctors as well as top-notch nursing care. Experienced and qualified nurses hailing from both the government and private sector will make up the nursing cadre at Browns Hospital.

The Browns Group is one of the most diversified entities in Sri Lanka. The Group traces its history back to James Brown, a young engineer and mechanic from London who arrived in Ceylon in 1872, seeking the adventure and fortunes of the orient. Starting off with a bicycle repair shop near Gleneagle in Hatton, he launched Brown & Company Limited in 1875 to manufacture and repair tea machinery. Over the next decade, Browns grew in size and scope, and was incorporated as a rupee company. In 1947, the company bought over the total equity capital of the Hatton Bank Limited and the Hatton Transport & Agency Co. Ltd. to become the Browns Group. The Group has since forged ahead, seeking opportunities in sunshine industries and establishing for itself a reputation of solidity and resilience.

Today, Brown & Company PLC has grown into a diversified conglomerate with operations in seven key industry sectors. Over 140 years in business has given Browns a deep understanding of the Sri Lankan consumer, enabling it to deliver top quality products and services.

A household name, across the island, Browns has a depth, diversity and strength in operations whilst working with several leading global brands.

Browns has grown exponentially into the active, sophisticated and valuable company it is today –gradually and unobtrusively, greatly expanding its portfolio and delivering excellence in products, services and value.