MRI scan test in sri lanka in browns hospitals colombo ragama

MRI scan & CT scan - Radiological Diagnostic


We offer safe and painless MRI tests that can provide detailed pictures of organs and other structures inside your body.

  • Model – MR 360 1.5 Tesla technology
  • MRI for, Tumors, including cancer
  • Soft tissue injuries such as damaged ligaments
  • Joint injury or disease
  • Spinal injury or disease
  • Injury or disease of internal organs including the brain, heart and digestive organs
browns hospitals colombo ragama

Services of MRI

  • MRI brain limited protocol (headache protocol)
  • MRI Lumbar (Limited)
  • MRI cervical spine (Limited)
  • MRI Mobitract
  • MRI backache protocol
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We offer high speed CT scanning capabilities for fast and precise scans.

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Digital X ray

Our X Ray is a truly digital system in which images are ready for viewing in seconds, and DR produces excellent spatial resolution and higher quality images.

Ultrasound Scanning

We have dedicated Ultrasound Scanning units for Obstetrics, Cardiology and General Radiology.